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We are BeHappy a global design and innovation studio . We build the connected world with human-centered design and customer experience at the heart.

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Our team is passionate about the connected future. We take the power of design and use it to create better products and services for people.

Design research

It is not smart if it is not smartly designed, and you can't be smart without smartly researched design.

Mobile Apps

Fullstack solutions. Backend, API, native IOs & Android, hybrid, progressive apps.

Service Design

Our best. We are one with the business needs, we study the customer until we feel they are our family. Enjoy solving every touchpoint with our fast evolving prototypes. We make all the mistakes so you don’t make any in your business.


This where the brain meets the heart. Interfaces that are useful, easy to understand, pleasant to watch. Feel proud of your product.

Customer Experience

The cause and solution of all problems. Customer Experience is our master metric to know we are doing a good job.

Strategy advice

Our team combined provides +100 years of experience in digital projects.

We can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your project and guide you to catch opportunities in this era of rapid changes.

Just a few of our customers

Our 4 step process

Visionarity project

This is one of the projects we are most proud of.

The challenge

The Kelvin Project was a Swiss project aimed to help companies to save electricity. It was all benefits: save costs, make the world greener, reduce waste. But there was something important to solve here: how to engage the employees in the task? Employees needed to find out how much electricity they were using, if they were wasting it and motivate them to fix that.

Our rol

Visionarity had to create a service that could connect the physical world with a digital platform that could make employees to know and improve their electricity consumption habits. This included the creation of smart meters that informed in real time of the electricity used by the devices of the employees, making consumption the main ingredient of a business game where employees were rewarded by saving costs.

The process

BeHappy researched with interviews and included users in the process of defining the service that made data available. Later the gamification was defined working together with corporate management to integrate it seamlessly in the daily life of the company, using a number of prototypes to define and refine the rewarding system to be logical and attractive. Monitoring allowed us to gather ideas that later became new games, but that’s another story!

Remote team

We love working remotely so we know the challenges of a connected world.

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